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To make all this happen, we’ve partnered with a UK-wide charity called Groundwork. They’ll be our boots on the ground around the country, working closely with us to unearth local neighbourhood initiates that are deserving of your support. Thanks to their own infrastructure, they’ll enable us to donate to all our chosen projects in an impactful, easily scalable way. It goes without saying that our partnership with Groundwork is closely collaborative, and Way of Life ensures that all the projects our residents support are chosen with consideration and with heart.

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Community Life

Our initiative is designed to support grassroots community projects in close proximity to each of our residences, and for you to be as hands on, or hands-off as you’d like to be. Anything you donate to Groundwork will be ring-fenced and donated to the local community project that your own residence supports, and of course you can connect with a project independently too; participating in events or donating your time and skills as a volunteer.

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Way of Life Residents

Community Life is an initiative created for Way of Life residents. Please select the building that you live in from the drop-down list to ensure we can easily track payments. Donations from each building will be ring-fenced by our charity partner Groundwork, and deployed to the community project your residence supports. Payment gateway transaction fees apply and will be deducted from you donation.